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“Wisdom Whole Wealth” service

“Wisdom Whole Wealth” is a financing service brand aiming at VIP individual customers of Bank of Shanghai, which observes the service philosophy of “wholehearted service only for you”, listen attentively to your demand, and customizes for you our respectful exclusive privileges for VIP.

I. Exclusive financing service team

The exclusive customer manager hand in hand with professional brain trust could open the gate to infinite space of wealth for you with their professional and all-round financing service.

The one-to-one professional exclusive customer service shall take care of your financing demand and provide all-round service for your business in bank, clearing the obstacle on your way of wealth.

Our financial planner with AFP/CFP qualification shall wholeheartedly provide you with exclusive financing plan and investment suggestion, and help you manage your wealth with better efficiency and quality. 

We sincerely invite professionals in fields of fund, insurance, taxation, law, and real estate investment to provide you with cross-industry many-to-one individualized all-round wealth management service to meet your financial demand in different life cycles, and help you realize your household finance goal in a better way.

II. Exclusive channel service

The multi-level all-round exclusive channel network provides you with available financing service and privileged service in every possible way.

The Wisdom Whole Wealth financing center is separate, private, and comfortable, providing you with all-round, one-stop and individualized financial service for your exclusive use.

The green channel fast and preferential service in banking office shall save your of queuing. You can take things easy and feel respected at any moment.

24-hour telephone banking provides convenient service as you wish and gives you superior experience.

The green channel for handling credit card and individual loan business provides express service with simplified procedure, saving your time.

When you use the channels for exclusive service, please show or provide your Wisdom Whole Wealth Platinum Debit Card.

III. Exclusive investment & financing service

We shall customize multiple exclusive products for financing and investment to meet your demand for all-round wealth management.

Financing products

Fixed sales period help you arrange your capital reasonably, and sustain the continuity of investment.

Exclusive enjoyment of preferential interest rate contributes to super-valuable investment.

Fund boutique

Help you select high-grade fund from diverse funds from the perspective of expert and save you from confusion and hesitation.  

How to buy fund?

Please make an appointment with the customer manager, take your valid identity document and the personal passbook or debit card of Bank of Shanghai to buy fund in the banking office of the customer manager.

IV. Exclusive preferential service of interest rate and rate

We provide preferential interest rate/rate of financing products and reduction and exemption of banking service fee to return your trust.

V. Exclusive comprehensive information service

Help you know your financial condition and capital change in time in an all-round way, quickly know market development, and share the understanding of experts.

Comprehensive bill service help you keep financial condition under control.

Information service like remind you of capital change in account and maturity helps you manage investment and financing with skill and ease.

Market investment and financing information service gives you the uptodate market information and helps you make strategies and achieve success at your place.  
  The above respectful service shall gradually be put into practice. Please pay attention.

VI. Exclusive preferential reception and care for VIP

Pay regard to your life details and let you feel at ease in terms of journey, health, and life.

Care for your journey: business trip, exclusive privilege of booking ticket for travel, hotel preference, self-driving travel guaranteeour care shall be with you all the way.

Care for your health: appointment for physical check-up, in inquiring of well-known doctors, specially engaged commercial business for top-level body-building and beauty treatment.

Care for your life: best wishes on your birthday/holidays, preferential shopping, and invitation to salon and party of high-level brandsYou can enjoy the extraordinary respectful reception in your remarkable life.

The above respectful service shall gradually be put into practice. Please pay attention.

Please consult the staff of our bank or dial the customer service hotline of Bank of Shanghai: 95594.

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