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License plate loan

Bank of Shanghai “License Plate Loan” business for individuals (limited to Shanghai)

“License Plate Loan” helps you “buy license plate easily, travel through Shanghai smoothly”.

I. Product definition

It refers to personal credit lent by our bank to natural person in accordance with conditions with family salary as major source of repay and guarantee, which shall be used for buying license plate of personal car in Shanghai for household use.

II. Product features

1. “Loan” for license plate realizes easy consumption.

Credit line could cover 100% price of license plate at maximum, which realizes easy consumption and smooth travel.

2. No guarantee required, a shortcut service.

“License plate loan” provides credit for individuals free of guarantee, who can apply for loan after buying bid auction card without mortgage of house property or car. You can get loan if you win a bid in auction, which can meet your need for loan.

3. Professional service, privileged channel

Professional loan organization provides professional service. We shall make loans in time through privileged green channel.

4. Amortization loan ensures light monthly installment payment

You can enjoy 3-year term of installment payment at most, which realizes easy payment, and you can enjoy life without worry and burden.

III. Handling process

Follow the 4 steps, and you can be easy with license plate loan:

Step 1: apply loan

After buying bid auction card, you can apply loan from our designated loan handling bank, and submit the application.

Step 2: sign contract for credit

With examination and approval of our bank, you can sign loan contract formally and get credit line. 

Step 3: win a bid and draw money

Within three workdays after winning a bid for license plate in auction, you should call our loan handling bank to apply loan and submit application.

Step 4: get loan

Our bank makes license plate loan, and you can pay for license plate with the loan. 

IV. Application documents

You shall provide these documents for applying license plate loan:

1. Identity document and marriage certificate;

2. Residence certificate, e.g. the paid off water/electricity/gas bill of the previous period, certificate of title to house property, household register, receipt of realty management cost, etc.

3. Duty paid proof of individual income tax;

4. Bid Auction Card and code-bar for license plate of private car in Shanghai;

5. Other documents required by our bank.

If you apply consumption loan for car from our bank, you just need to provide documents of item 4.

You can get details through service hotline of Bank of Shanghai, calling the customer manager of our loan handling bank, or the website of Bank of Shanghai.

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