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Loan for individual study abroad

I. Business overview

    It means the loan in Renminbi lent by our loan handling bank to individuals for paying the required earnest money for study abroad, the tuition and incidentals, and living expenses during study. 

    II. Loan object

Natural person with Chinese nationality at least 18 years old with complete civil capacity and domicile within Chinese borders (excluding natural person from Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan area). Besides, the borrower shall meet the following conditions:

1. Have complete civil capacity, the age no more than 40 years old while applying for loan;

2. Have the enrollment letter (letter of acceptance) issued by the school for study abroad, the original of registration certificate, or other effective certificates for enrollment;

3. Have good study foundation, healthy body, and can finish the study in a normal way;

4. Have no bad credit record of bad and other illegal acts, and have received no serious punishment from school in the past;

5. Could provide effective guarantee approved by the lender;

6. Make commitment to provide the changes during study abroad and after employment, and changes of guarantee;

7. Other conditions specified by the loan handling bank.

    III. Credit line

As much as 1.5 million RMB.

    IV. Maturity period of the loan

    The maturity period of the loan is no less than 6 months, but no more than 10 years.

    V. Loan interest rate

    According to the proper fluctuation of the ruling rate of interest for loan of the same period and the same class published by Peoples Bank of China.

VI. Guaranty mode

    The borrower of loan for study abroad must provide effective guarantee approved by the loan handling bank, including real estate mortgage, deposit receipt or mortgage bonds, guarantee by the third party, etc. It is subject to the negotiation of both parties.

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