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About Bank of Shanghai

Founded on December 29, 1995 and headquartered in Shanghai, Bank of Shanghai (hereinafter “the Bank”) is a joint-stock commercial bank formed by state-owned shares, Chinese corporation-owned shares, foreign corporation-owned shares, and individually-owned shares.

Since its foundation, the Bank has implemented sound operations, standardized management, regarded “sincerity and honesty foremost, and keeping good faith” as the enterprise’s core concept, “boutique bank” as its development vision, and “constructing general business characteristics considering regional differences, while forming unique business advantages” as its business guideline. The Bank has been speeding up on its way of distinctive development and striding on the road to form its own service characteristics. Based on its market position, the Bank has gradually formed its unique market position as “Comprehensive Financial Service for SMEs”, “Wealth Management and Pension Service for Citizens”, “Financial Market Transaction Service”, and “Best Financial Service Platform covering the Mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan”.

At present, the Bank has 294 branches and outlets in Shanghai, Ningbo, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Tianjin, Chengdu, Shenzhen, Beijing, Suzhou, Wuxi and Shaoxing with 186 self-service banking, and 2377 self-service terminals, preliminarily forming the service network covering the Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta, the Bohai Bay, and the key cities in central and western regions. Besides, the Bank also has set up Minhang BOS Rural Bank, Qujiang BOS Rural Bank, Jiangsu Jiangning BOS Rural Bank, and Chongzhou BOS Rural Bank, and initiated Bank of Shanghai Asset Management Co., Ltd., and set up Bank of Shanghai (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. in Hong Kong, and maintains correspondent banking relations with over 1,600 domestic and foreign banks and their affiliated agencies in over 130 countries and regions.

In recent years, the market competitiveness and influence of the Bank have been improving. The Bank ranks No.158 in 2013 in the list of the “Top 1,000 Banks in the world” released by the British magazine The Banker, The Bank had also been crowned by The Asian Banker as “China’s Best Urban Retail Bank” for several times. The Bank has successively received numerous honorary titles such as “Shanghai Famous Brand”, “Outstanding Bank for Customer Service to Small Business”, “National Outstanding Unit for Re-employment”, “National Outstanding Trading Member of the Inter-bank Market”, ”National Model Unit for Respecting the Elders”, “Best Corporate Image Award”, and “Best Organization Award of Syndicated Loans”, etc.


Operation Features

■Promoting regional economic development

The Bank relies on and serves the regional economy, strengthens its communication and coordination with government departments of all levels, and deepens the cooperative relationship between bank and government to jointly promote regional economic development. The Bank has actively participated in infrastructure construction projects and projects of improving people’s livelihood, such as the Shanghai World Expo, Greater Hongqiao construction, Urban Metro construction, Disneyland construction, Ningbo Port development, Tianjin New Coastal District construction, Chengdu post-disaster reconstruction, affordable housing development, and heath care reform by providing project financing, consulting, and supervision services. Meanwhile, according to the requirements of the National Industrial Restructuring and Rejuvenation Program and related regulations, the Bank actively supports industries and enterprises with a regional advantage, such as advanced manufacturing industry, the modern service industry, other strategic emerging industries, and the culture industry by providing financial services for the adjustment and restructuring of local economies and industries.

■Providing comprehensive financial services for SMEs

With its flexible mechanism, highly-efficient service, and abundant products, the Bank is devoted to providing comprehensive and professional financial service for SMEs. Through deep analysis on the industrial nature, stages of growth, scales of operation, financial credit and other factors of SMEs, the Bank has developed small enterprise basic financing products, technical financing products, cultural financing products and green credit products. On this basis, the Bank provides all-round comprehensive financial service for SMEs through integrated service platform such as investment banking business, cash management, corporation finance, and business operator’s personal financial service. The Bank has an exclusive customer service team of 200 managers for small enterprises providing exclusive efficient service channel for SMEs and doing its best to provide professional and efficient financial service for them.

■Financial service platform covering the mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan

Focusing on the increasingly close economic and trade cooperation among the Mainland, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, the Bank establishes the Hong Kong & Taiwan Business Department in its Head Office and set up professional service team to support the development of Hong Kong and Taiwan enterprises in the Mainland with its exclusive service platform, and innovative products and services. The Bank has also strives to provide professional, tailor-made and comprehensive financial services to facilitate the enterprises’ investment, operation, and trade across the Mainland, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. The Bank cooperates with Shanghai Commercial Bank (Hong Kong) and Shanghai Commercial & Savings Bank (Taiwan) to form a “customer-centered” joint services mode that integrates resources in the region and provides customers with the customized financial services. No matter where the customers are located in the region, they can always enjoy the same considerate service ofThree Shanghai Bank, all caring for you”.

■Wealth management expert for citizens

The Bank is improving its hierarchical service system for customers, forming differentiated financial service at high, middle, or low end, and providing exclusive service for customers with different demands through Private Banking and Wealth Management Center, Wisdom Whole Wealth Management Houses and Counters. The Bank is enriching the financing products, including “Wisdom Gold” personal noble metal business, forming nine series of financing product lines of “Wisdom Wealth” Series, Gold Source Series, Platinum Series, Pension Series, Accumulation by Days and Months Series, “Spirit” VIP products, etc. to meet the demands of customers for different terms, currencies, and risks. The Bank owns a solid professional team with more than 500 specialists with AFP, CFP, or RFP certificates to provide comprehensive tailor-made investment demands analysis and wealth management planning for its high-end customers. 

■Pension service expert

The Bank is one of the first two banks in Shanghai to provide pension distribution services and has accumulated 15 years experiences in providing service for 1.5 million old people. In the long-term service for the elder, the Bank has been recognized by people of all walks of life with its high-quality pension service. It is the only commercial bank in China that gets the award of “Top Ten Model Unit for Respecting the Aged in Shanghai” and “National Model Unit for Respecting the Aged”. Currently the Bank actively cultivates the pension service features, commits itself to becoming “an pension service expert”, and provides value-added service platform covering health preserving, medical treatment, culture, and tourism, perfecting and innovating exclusive financial products, consolidating and developing multi-channel convenient basic financial service of pension, and shaping the culture of “respecting the aged, consider the aged, benefit the aged”.

■Leading service provider in financial market

Based on the principles of “trust and mutual benefit,” the Bank widely engages in emerging financial markets, such as inter-bank money market, bond market, derivatives market, commercial bill market, foreign exchange market, and gold market and has won the recognitions in the market with its financial strength, sound operations, and scientific management. As one of the first members of the inter-bank bond market, a class-A trader in the open market, and a member of the underwriting group of major bond issuance institutions such as the Ministry of Finance and the China Development Bank, the Bank has been ranking at the top of the country in terms of bond transaction volume for years, and it is one of the first to obtain qualifications for being a market maker for the inter-bank bond market, being a member of pricing group for the Shanghai Inter-bank Offered Rate (SHIBOR), and operating bond underwriting business in the inter-bank bond market. The Bank also has qualifications for underwriting non-financial enterprises debts. The Bank is one of the 108 funding members of the Shanghai Gold Exchange and has qualifications for operating business including self-supporting gold exchange, gold (platinum) exchange on a commission basis, inter-bank gold borrowing, and gold leasing. The Bank has been granted the title of Outstanding Member of the Shanghai Gold Exchange for several years successively.

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