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Bank of Shanghai Advance Payment Financing Services

Product Introduction:
Our bank could meet the enterprises’ demand for funds of purchase through financing and management of its physical distribution and capital flow under advance payment, relying on its credit and cooperation with upstream supplier (and downstream purchaser). In accordance with different transaction flow of enterprises, it is divided into three financing modes: delivery, pledge, and payment.
Product Functions:
1. It could reduce occupation of funds, and relieve the pressure of advance payment funds;
2. It does not require other guarantee. Instead, it relies on the credit of upstream and downstream enterprises and the structural design of products to gain the support of bank financing. 
Product Advantages:
1. Financing proportion could reach as much as 90%, which could help enterprise enlarge the amount purchased, and strive for better trade discount;
2. It could deepen the cooperation with upstream and downstream, realize multilateral wins, and strengthen the competitive advantage in enterprise sales;
3. Customer could adopt financing mode and style according to the practical transaction modes.
Major Procedures:
1.  Enterprise signs the purchase contract with upstream supplier (signs the sales contract with downstream customer);
2. Enterprise submits the trade background information to our bank, and negotiates with upstream and downstream customers on procedures, such as, supervising physical distribution and capital flow, etc., and then our bank shall examine and approve the financing line.
3. Our bank shall sign three-party cooperation agreements with the enterprise and the upstream and downstream customers, sign financing contract and supervision agreements, etc. with the enterprise.
4. Enterprise submits an application for loans, and our bank shall pay advance payment to the upstream supplier directly;
5. Our bank shall manage the subsequent procedures according to different financing modes:
Delivery Mode (confirming storage mode)
Enterprise pays margin money/returns the financedfunds, and then our bank shall notify the supplier to deliver goods of corresponding quantity, and the supplier shall refund the undelivered part when financing matures.
Pledge Mode (supplier-dealer-bank mode)
Supplier delivers goods and pledges them to our bank for supervision; the purchaser shall pay margin money/return the financed funds to our bank before picking up goods.
Payment Mode
Supplier delivers goods to the destination of enterprise’s downstream purchaser, who shall accept the goods and return the financing to the appointed account of our bank. In case the downstream purchaser returns goods, the supplier shall refund.

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