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Bank of Shanghai Chattel Mortgage Credit Extension

Product Introduction:
Enterprise mortgages bulk raw materials or products meeting requirements of our bank to get financing.
Product Function:
It keeps the mortgage value to support financing line through the supervision of the mortgaged chattel by the storage supervising organization appointed by our bank, and enterprise’s compensation for the depreciation of chattel.
Product Advantages:
1. Activate the stock and accelerate turnover of capital;
2. One credit extension could be recycled, with flexible options of financing forms;
3. Mortgage rate is usually 70%.
Major Procedures:
1. Enterprise submits documents of chattel, etc., and our bank shall negotiate with the appointed storage supervision organization on supervision plan and approve the financing line;
2. Our bank shall sign financing contract with enterprise, and sign supervision agreements with enterprise and storage supervising organization;
3. Enterprise delivers chattel to our bank for supervision, and our bank shall make loans;
4. Storage supervising organization supervises the quantity of chattel in stock, our bank shall monitor the price of chattel, and the enterprise shall compensate for the loss from falling price by complementing chattel quantity or paying margin money, etc.;
5. Enterprise repays the financed funds or pays margin money before applying for picking up goods and releasing the pledge.

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