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Bank of Shanghai Accounts Receivable Financing Services

Product Introduction:
Enterprise transfers or mortgages its domestic accounts receivable arising from credit sale to our bank to get short-term financing support.
Product Functions:
1. Liquidate accounts receivable in advance, reduce the occupation of funds, accelerate enterprise turnover of capital, and promote the benefit of using capital;
2. No other guarantees are required. It relies on the purchaser’s qualification to upgrade the enterprise’s grade of credit extension and get the bank’s financing support;
3. Optimize financial structure and improve enterprise’s operational cash flow.
Product Advantages:
1. One credit extension could be recycled, with flexible options of financing forms;
2. Financing proportion is usually 80%;
3. Support financing for single sum of accounts receivable and financing for multi-purchaser accounts receivable.
Major Procedures:
1. Enterprise submits the purchaser list and documents of accounts receivable, etc., and our bank shall examine and approve the financing line;
2. Our bank shall sign accounts receivable transfer/pledge contract and financing contract with the enterprise, and handle the relevant procedures; the enterprise shall open a special account at our bank for collection;
3. Enterprise submits documents, such as invoice and delivery voucher, etc. to apply for loans;
4. The purchaser remits the payment to enterprise’s special account at our bank for collection to return the financing.

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